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Ariel Adkins: Crafting Wearable Art Adventures

Imagine making one of your favorite pieces of art into something you can wear, like a bright cape, a dress, or even some fun pants. This creative idea comes to life thanks to Ariel Adkins, a writer from Brooklyn who is also the Curator of Art, Culture, and Community at Twitter. Let’s explore the world of Artfully Awear, where important works of art are turned into hand-made clothes.

From museums to closets: clothes that are artfully shown off

Before leaving a museum, most of us buy a letter or T-shirt to remember the art we liked. Ariel Adkins, on the other hand, loves great works of art even more. She takes famous works of art and turns them into one-of-a-kind clothes like capes, dresses, and pants that are full of bright colors and bold patterns. How, though?

Ariel Adkins putting art on fabric by brush: the creative process

Ariel doesn’t just look for fabric; she paints on it too. Imagine the magic: she captures the spirit of certain works of art by turning their shapes and colors into works of wearable art. Every brushstroke is a dance between art and fashion, and her works become live expressions of her artistic joy.

Artfully Awear: A Journey of Joy and Healing

Artfully Awear is more than just a fun fashion project for Ariel; it’s how she deals with her grief and heals. At first, it was a reaction to the death of her artist mother. The clothes were like a painting of feelings, a bright language of healing. Today, it’s a joyous celebration and a special way to bring people together.

You and your style are in every stitch.

Ariel sees fashion as more than just clothes; it’s a way for her to show who she is in public. The clothes she makes are more than just decorations; they become signs of happiness, strength, and a shared desire to express oneself. She tells stories of love, loss, and the power of art in every stitch.

Michelle Obama’s Portrait Dress and Important Moments in Art History

Ariel gets ideas from more than just art; she also loves looking at famous fashion moments. Take the dress that Michelle Obama wore in Amy Sherald’s picture. It was made by Michelle Smith. In honor of these important moments, Ariel uses her platform to share stories that connect the past of art and fashion.

Follow Artfully Awear on Instagram for more clothing adventures.

Want to know more about Ariel’s travels with wearable art? Following Artfully Awear on Instagram is a good idea. From behind-the-scenes looks at the design process to the beautiful finished clothes, you’ll enter a world where art isn’t just on walls but a lively part of daily life.

Artfully Awear isn’t just about making clothes for Ariel Adkins. It’s a way to explore your creativity, get better, and celebrate the deep link between art and our everyday lives.

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